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When you place an order with 24Tee, you can rest assured that if there are any problems or issues of any kind, we are here to help you and make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. In the event that the sizing of the item is not as you expected, we will conduct an exchange for a different size of your choosing. If you decide you don't like the color that you selected, we will conduct an exchange for the color you now want. If there's a rip, or damage to the item that occoured in transit, we will ship a replacement. If there's an accident and the item is damaged or ruined, we will send you another one. In short, if you're not happy, neither are we - are we will immediately reconcille the situation in the manner of your choosing. 

We understand that you as a customer have a basically infinite number of places to shop - and we value our customers more than anything. 

We have delivered shirts to thousands of happy customers, and we pride ourselves on the speed of our customer service. We have spent our time and energy to perfect our products - we print on the highest quality garments available, using systems that produce crisp graphics that do not fade. 

I personally have run tests on our printed shirts that go above and beyond anything that would happen during normal wear and tear. Out of curiosity, I left one of our printed shirts outside in the sun for months on end. From day to day, I sprayed the shirt with a hose, rubbed in on concrete, twisted it up into a ball, over and over again. After months of this treatment, the shirt looked pretty much the same as the day we printed it. The technology of direct to garment printing has come a very long way in a short period of time. The inks hold fast to the garments and they do not come off - not with heat, sunlight, cold, dirt and grime, oil / grease... etc. 

Occasionally we are asked if our shirts shrink. 100% cotton shirts do shrink - there's no way around it. That having been said, they really don't shrink that much - not even a full size shrinkage, even if left in the dryer for an excessive amount of time, the shrinkage is minimal.  Quick note: If your item has shrunk and you're not happy about it - let us know and we will replace the item.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for shopping with 24Tee. We sincerely value your business.

TL:DR : IF you are unhappy for any reason, let us know and we'll take care of you. 

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