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About Our Tee Shirts & Why We Chose Them

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A favorite shirt is a special thing, they can be hard to find and harder to replace. Sometimes you have a favorite shirt for a few years, and sometimes you don't, but when you do, you know it's your favorite. There are a number of factors that go into a shirt being a favorite and we're going to try and identify some of them here. These factors have all been carefully balanced for the selection of our blanks. We have had experience with many different brands and cuts. 

We encourage you to try our shirts and to sleep in one! Please let us know how you feel about them as your opinion is pretty much the only thing that matters in this business.
Overall Fit - this one is pretty obvious - it just fits right, it compliments your body shape. The shoulders on a favorite shirt align prefectly with your shoulders when you're standing in a natural position, they just seem to box properly and the cut lines are in the right spots.

Neck fit and feel - this is huge. The neck can't be too tight and it shouldn't be too loose. It needs to be soft enough that you don't notice it and it needs to look right.

Color - and this changes throughout the year, but typically doesn't matter all that much for a t shirt. The color on a great shirt should compliment your natural coloration - it should be just bright enough to make your natural features pop. For example, for someone with blue eyes, a light blue shirt will tend to bring out the brightness in your face and eyes - making them appear brighter. Really bright colors look great on individuals with darker features. If you're a ginger, or someone with bright blonde hair, darker shirts help to make your features pop. When you think of your favorite shirt, color immediately comes to mind.

Comfort Factor: Obviously, your favorite shirt is comfortable - but with favorites, it seems that the more we wear them, the better they feel. They look better and better with more wear and tear. The more you wash them, the better they look and feel. 

A great shirt should be like a good drummer . . . or a great actor - you shouldn't notice it - you don't feel it, it doesn't stand out in a crowd - it's just right.

You can sleep in them - and this has been a big factor in the selection of our blanks - they had to be comfortable enough to sleep in. I personally wear one to bed every night - they are that soft and comfortable - you cannot feel the print, no matter what size or color it is - you cannot feel them. The ink on our shirts is part, of the fabric, not sitting on top of it.

 These points have all been major factors in the way we have selected the blanks that we print on. For mens and womens, we use Anvil 980 and 880 blanks. The colors are bright, the fabric is soft and the fit is perfect. We'd love to know how you feel about the fit and feel of our shirts. Please let us know. 

Thanks for reading and please tell us about your favorite in the comments!


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